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The second season of For All Mankind was renewed on October 15, 2019.[1]

The season is set about 10 years after the first season in the midst of the Cold War. It starts at May 21, 1983 and ends around end of September of the same year, with a short last scene in 1995 at the end of the final episode.

Season 2 premiered on February 19, 2021.


For All Mankind season two picks up a decade later in 1983. It’s the height of the Cold War and tensions between the United States and the USSR are at their peak. Ronald Reagan is president and the greater ambitions of science and space exploration are at threat of being squandered as the US and Soviets go head-to-head to control sites rich in resources on the Moon.

The Department of Defense has moved into Mission Control, and the militarization of NASA becomes central to several characters’ stories: some fight it, some use it as an opportunity to advance their own interests, and some find themselves at the height of a conflict that may lead to nuclear war.

Cast and characters[]


No. Image Title Air Date
1 Every Little Thing - For All Mankind.jpg "Every Little Thing" February 19, 2021
Nearly a decade later, technology and lunar exploration have taken huge strides—but a solar storm threatens the astronauts on Jamestown.
2 FAM 202 The Bleeding Edge.jpg "The Bleeding Edge" February 26, 2021
Margo must lead a seemingly impossible mission. Danielle wants to return to the moon. Gordo grapples with life on Earth.
3 FAM 203 Rules of Engagement.jpg "Rules of Engagement" March 5, 2021
A dispute on the moon prompts NASA officials to consider arming astronauts. Ed's past comes back to haunt him.
4 FAM 204 Pathfinder.jpg "Pathfinder" March 12, 2021
With a little help from Molly, Ed plans a career change - as his old Jamestown crewmates Gordo and Danielle struggle.
5 FAM 205 The Weight.jpg "The Weight" March 19, 2021
Ed's reckless behaviour at NASA shakes the foundation of the Baldwin family. Tracy attempts to readapt to life in space.
6 FAM 206 Best Laid Plans.jpg "Best Laid Plans" March 26, 2021
American astronauts and NASA leadership prepare for a new mission with unlikely partners. Ellen gets in touch with an old friend.
7 FAM 207 Don't Be Cruel.jpg "Don't Be Cruel" April 2, 2021
Ellen is challenged by her new role. Margo's allegiances are put to the test. Karen explores new opportunities - personally and professionally.
8 FAM 208 And Here's to You.jpg "And Here's to You" April 9, 2021
Gordo returns to space. Molly faces an upsetting new reality. Aleida confronts her first major hurdle at work.
9 For All Mankind Triage.jpg "Triage" April 16, 2021
The rivalry between American astronauts and Soviet cosmonauts intensifies as last-minute changes impact the Pathfinder mission plan.
10 For All Mankind The Grey.jpg "The Grey" April 23, 2021
Season Finale. Tensions between the U.S. and the Soviet Union reach an all-time high on the moon, throwing multiple missions into jeopardy.