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Octavio Rosales is an immigrant from Mexico. After his wife Graciana dies, he illegally crosses the border with his daughter Aleida to live a new life in the United States. There, he worked at NASA's Johnson Space Center as a custodian under a dead man's social security number.

He encourages his daughter's interest in engineering and is proud when she becomes a protegee of Margo Madison. When Aleida becomes distracted by her relationship with Anthony, he scolds her because she has allowed boys to distract her when Margo never did.

FBI agent Gavin Donahue discovers his illegal status while investigating the Apollo 23 disaster. He believes Octavio is a Soviet spy and has him deported. Octavio manages to make a phone call to his daughter and learns their housemates have also been arrested. He is reassured when Aleida claims she is staying with Margo, even though Margo has already refused to take her in.

After over a decade later, Octavio returned to Texas, where he was reunited with his daughter.