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Neil Armstrong is an astronaut for NASA and commander of Apollo 11. He is the second man on the Moon, following Alexei Leonov.


While landing Eagle, they couldn't find a smooth surface and landed roughly. They lost transmission with Houston for over 4 hours but managed to reconnect and confirm their landing.

Gene Kranz does not feel confident about Neil turning the Eagle to a vertical position as it would cost them a lot of fuel. He tells this to Wernher von Braun, but the latter is confident. Neil and Buzz Aldrin are authorized to turn the Eagle over, which they do by detaching the top part. They manage to fly again and reach Michael Collins, who was still waiting for them.

Neil told Ed about the different risks and decisions he had to take when landing Apollo 11.

Later, at a barbecue in Ed's house, Ed is called by Neil. Joking, Ed asked if they made him go through customs when he returned from the moon. Ed congratulated him on his landing, and Neil confesses he can not believe he did not abort the landing. Asking why he had gone through with it, Neil talks about the risk taking that is involved in taking calls while flying.