Mikhail Vasiliev in City Upon a Hill.png

Mikhail Mikhailovic Vasiliev is a Soviet cosmonaut who was a crew member of the Soviet Moon Base Zvezda. While there, he spent some time around NASA's ice-drilling station. Some time later, after returning to Zvezda, Vasiliev ran low on oxygen and stopped by Jamestown. While Edward Baldwin let him in, he ambushed him in the airlock. The moment Vasiliev took off his spacesuit, Baldwin decompressed the airlock, incapacitating Vasiliev, long enough for him to be restrained, without resistance.

Vasiliev woke up, and interrogated by Baldwin, though the former tried to make conversation. While prisoner, he noticed a pattern in the flickering nights and notes it to Baldwin. He told Baldwin he'd need his help and that in times of distress, international law demands they assist one another. The two work together to help Deke Slayton and Ellen Wilson as Baldwin returns a part from Vasiliev's rover, however during this small amount of time that Vasiliev was free, he managed to put a wiretapping device in Jamestown which was later discovered in Season 2, Episode 3 - Rules of Engagement.

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