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Michael Collins was an astronaut for NASA and part of the Apollo 11 crew. He piloted the Columbia around the moon as Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin descended onto the Moon. While he lost contact with them, he refused to go home alone when mission control commanded him to do so. Fortunately for him, Armstong and Aldrin were able to make contact once again shortly after.

He was Commander of Apollo 23.


While landing Eagle, they couldn't find a smooth surface and landed roughly. They lost transmission with Houston for over 4 hours during which Michael refused to leave without his teammates, but managed to reconnect and confirm their landing.

Gene Kranz does not feel confident about Neil turning the Eagle to a vertical position as it would cost them a lot of fuel. He tells this to Wernher von Braun, but the latter is confident. Neil and Buzz Aldrin are authorized to turn the Eagle over, which they do by detaching the top part. They manage to fly again and reach Michael, who was still waiting for them.

Later on, Michael and 2 other astronauts are sitting in the Command Module of Apollo 23, where Gene Kranz arrives to say a final word to the crew, with Michael saying he will do a better landing than Neil and Buzz, while Gene replies everyone had done a better landing than Neil and Buzz.

Due to improper manufacturing, Apollo 23 explodes, killing Gene and 11 other workers on the tower, while Michael and the other 2 astronauts escape in the command module using the Launch Escape System, however they are sent to the hospital due to injuries sustained from the hard landing on the beach