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The LSAM (Lunar Surface Access Module) is a reusable crewed lunar lander which is the successor of the original LM of the Apollo program. It is capable of long stays on the Lunar surface, enabling the permanent occupancy of Jamestown, and can deliver up to 24,000 pounds of cargo (provisions and fuel) to the surface. It is capable of multiple trips from orbit to the surface and back. It is also used for suborbital hops to various surface sites, often for cargo recovery and crew transportation.

LSAMs are fueled by liquid hydrogen and oxygen made from water ice mined from the shadowed areas of Shackleton Crater. They have four main engines that allow for engine-out capability, which is to say, the ability to reach orbit and land with the loss of one engine. There is also a small reserve of hypergolic propellant(the same as was used on the Apollo LM).

Much like its predecessor, the Apollo LM, it is built by the Grumman Aircraft Corporation. It is believed that the first use of the vehicle was Apollo 18. It is shown being used by Apollo 22 and Apollo 24 and subsequent missions. As of 1983 there are three known LSAMs with only the last two being operational, and the first being used for spare parts.