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Jimmy Stevens is the younger son of Gordo and Tracy Stevens. His older brother is Danny Stevens.

Season 1[]

While his mother is training as an astronaut, Jimmy is often watched by Karen Baldwin, whose son Shane is friends with Jimmy's brother Danny.

Season 2[]

Jimmy learns about his mother's remarriage to Sam Cleveland while watching the Tonight Show with his father. Gordo asks him how he feels about it, and Jimmy replies that it's what Tracy wants before going to play Atari.

He welcomes Danny home after his first year at Annapolis. Gordo comments that it's an honor because Jimmy rarely leaves his room. The two later go hang out with friends, including Kelly Baldwin, where Danny regales them with stories about his time at the naval academy. Jimmy asks Danny whether there are any cute girls at Annapolis, and his brother teases him, saying he wouldn't know what to do with a girl.

While his mother is on the Moon, Jimmy starts hollowing out blocks of stinky cheese to smuggle her cigarettes.

Jimmy finds Gordo wearing a space helmet in the closet one day and does not believe his excuse that it's "all part of the training." When he and Danny find Gordo underwater in their pool with an oxygen tank, Danny gently confronts their father about his recent behavior, and Gordo confides in his sons about how weak and afraid he felt last time he was at Jamestown. Danny says maybe they can help and shoves Jimmy into the pool.

Before Gordo goes up to the Moon, he takes Jimmy to see Return of the Jedi. Jimmy is disgusted with the movie and complains to his friend in a videophone message about the Ewoks, Boba Fett's death, and the reveal that Luke and Leia are siblings.

His birthday passes while his mother is on the Moon, though Tracy is only able to call him on the day after because the phone was booked up. He tells Tracy that Gordo both baked and bought him a cake because the first cake turned out badly. They reminisce about his past birthdays, including when Gordo baked him another disastrous cake on his sixth birthday and when he got the Bonanza board game for his eighth. Jimmy hangs up when Tracy is given the thirty second warning.

Gordo goes to the Moon on the space shuttle Columbia. Both Gordo and Tracy die on Jamestown, saving the base from a nuclear meltdown. Jimmy and Danny attend their parents' funeral, joined by their stepfather as well as their parents' friends and colleagues.