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"Hi Bob" is the seventh episode of For All Mankind.


The crew of Apollo 22, Ed, Gordo, and Danielle struggle with an extended Jamestown mission.


On Jamestown, Ed, Gordo, and Danielle are being told a new contractor was being used for the LH2 valve, but there was a mishap when the rocket was being built and were told that it would take time, so Apollo 24 would be delayed yet another two weeks. They were told that President Kennedy was doing everything he could, and wanted to apologize for the delays.

When they hang up, the three of them watch a show they had watched many times, while Danielle watched her ant farm and Ed tried getting signal. Danielle asked if they had ever seen a shrink when applying to the program, and Ed told her they needed to see about five, which was more than the women had to. Danielle told him that her shrink had asked her if she had ever dreamed of having sex with her father, and they told her that it happened to them as well. All of a sudden, Danielle's ant farm fell and she cleaned it up.

On November 9, 1974, Danielle asks her husband how his interview went, but he mentions that he had a bad day and did not get the job. He tells her that he is not supposed to live off her since he can do more than just bag groceries and mentions that the man interviewing him was not even listening to what he was saying and mentions that a hole opened up for him, and he wanted to go in. Danielle comforted him, but he left and said that he would talk to her later, as he was all out of cigarettes.

Ellen was interviewed by the FBI agent in order to find out of Larry was gay.

Ellen is interviewed by the FBI officer, and mentioned that her claustrophobia was a childhood fear, which she got over. She said that she had been told that her medical information was confidential and it annoyed her that he was flipping through it. He mentioned that he did not want to annoy her and reminded her that he could kick her out of the program. However, she told him that she knew she was only there because he believed her boyfriend was gay, but he told her that they were not there to talk about her boyfriend since he could not figure her out since her profile made her much better than Larry Wilson since he was a homosexual. He pressured her into telling her Larry's truth, but was not able to.

Ellen talked to Larry and Pam about this, and Larry mentioned that their phones were probably bugged. They watched the news at Outpost and kept drinking.

At Jamestown, the three astronauts discover a frequency which they find strange and cannot figure out. Gordo sees an ant and talks about seeing yet another one. Ed discusses spying on the Russians but mentioned that they would not tell Houston. Gordo loses his temper over the ants, since he is told to drop it, but Ed calms him down.

Karen and Tracy were offended when the school principal suggested Shane was the problem, and Danny was his follower.

The school principal tells Karen and Tracy that the cost for their children's damages was 150 USD, and told the women that he was concerned over the relationship the boys had. Karen and Tracy immediately told him that they were best friends, having grown up together. Tracy told the principal that perhaps the problem was the lack of discipline in the school since there was no spanking anymore. He told them that the friendship was becoming hurtful towards Danny since he was the follower if not for Shane, and they both got offended and stormed off.

The crew of the Apollo 22 call Houston to tell them they were going back to the base. Once they got there, Danielle told Ed that even though they had gone 30km out, they had not seen anything. Ed told Danielle that the Soviets were crafty and they were still on their part of the crater, which was theirs since they had planted the flag first. Gordo took a walk in the meantime and saw nothing in the distance.

Gordo was yelled at by Ed and Danielle after going out on an unauthorized walk.

When Gordo got back, he said "hi, Bob," which angered Ed. He asked him what he was doing since they had already discussed that he could not leave the base without his authorization, since if Houston found out, they would punish him. Gordo argued that they first had to bring him back to Earth and tried to make a joke about it since he thought it was bullshit. The argument escalates since they start questioning whether or not Gordo had actually seen blinking lights. Ed tells Gordo to stand down, but the latter challenges him, so Ed throws him against the base. They are separated by Danielle, and Ed tells Gordo that he could not leave the base until further notice. Gordo just laughs and Danielle tells him that everything is getting out of control.

Weisner tells Ellen that Agent Donahue believed that Larry was a homosexual, which could pose a security threat to the program; however, there was a new belief that Ellen was also a homosexual, which she qualified as absurd. Weisner told her that they do not believe that it is time for a sex scandal. She tells him that she could not control Donahue or the justice department and Weisner told her that both her and Larry could take an extra step in their relationship.

In order to pass time, the crew of Apollo 22 recited Hi Bob, which they now knew by heart.

Ed, Gordo, and Danielle start getting desperate over a phone call with Buzz and were told that they were being told that they needed two more weeks and were being sent a surprise this time. A new plumbing assembly for the shower; Ed tells them that Gordo is feeling better after his cold. After the conversation with Houston, it appears that their "Hi Bob" tape was fixed, but the tape is ruined after a while. After a while, they all start reciting the tape since they know it by heart, even reciting the laughs.

On November 29, 1974, Ed tells Shane that an action of his was an embarrassment to his entire family since he was supposed to be the man of the house, while Karen listens. He tells his son he is disappointed in him, since he was now 11 years old and wanted to know when he would grow up.

Ed tells Houston that Gordo is still sick while they ascended from the mining site with new samples. Danielle asks him when Gordo would finally be allowed to go back outside, since she had been getting a bad vibe from him lately, but Ed told her that his friend would be fine. She looks out and is able to spot the Soviet base in the distance, so Ed immediately informs Weisner, who tells him that he would inform the White House and they were told to keep doing business as usual.

Ellen suggested getting married to Larry at Outpost, which Pam did not like.

At Outpost, Ellen tells Larry that they cannot allow their secret to get out. Larry tells her that moving forward would put them at a safer zone, but Pam tells Ellen that if she proceeds, things would be definitely over between both of them.

Ellen gets home and opens her windown, but sees a car outside, which leaves as soon as she sets her eye on it.

Gordo wakes Ed and Dani up so they could do the "Hi Bob" routine, but Ed tells him to quit horsing around since they had a busy day the following day and it was the middle of the night. He moved forward and did the routine himself which surprised Ed, but Gordo got mad whenever he was interrupted. Danielle told him that maybe it was time to call Houston, but Ed refused saying that Gordo needed to go outside. Ed approached him and told him that they should go for a walk.

Gordo started going crazy after being placed on lockdown, and was calmed by Ed when he believed ants were in his suit.

They walk across the moon's surface and mention taking some pictures, but Gordo mentions he would never do that since no photo could ever really capture what they were seeing. Ed asks Gordo to explain what he was doing back at the base, and Gordo mentions that he was fed up being locked in with the food he hated, and said that he did not sign up for what they were going through. As they were talking, Gordo feels something strange, which he mentions is an ant; he soon tells Ed that there were many ants and they were getting all over him, but was calmed down by Ed.

At the base, Gordo apologized, but was told it was fine. Ed told them that he would tell Houston the truth, which was that they had a medical situation, which he should have listened to before, especially with Danielle's warnings. He told them that he would not abandon the base so the Russians would not get it, but would send them both home. Gordo reminded him that if he stayed, then he had to wait for Apollo 24 to get there, and then the next crew, which Dani mentioned NASA would never approve, but Ed mentioned that he was commander. Gordo mentioned that he was too tired to argue and went to bed. Danielle asked what would become of Gordo, and Ed told her that he would be sent to the shrinks, but it was clear that his career was over and would never be allowed to fly anything ever again.

After a while. Danielle screams in pain, saying that she tried to change the battery, and it appeared she had busted her arm. Ed realized that she was doing that in order for Ed to call NASA and tell them that they needed medical attention. She told him that Clayton was "lost" and would never come back, and that if Gordo was grounded, he would not be able to "return" either.

The crew of Apollo 22 said goodbye when Danielle broke her arm and was sent home.

Ed told NASA this, and was told that Gordo and Danielle had been approved to go back home, and his new return date was another two weeks from then. He was promoted to Captain of the United States Navy by the president, with a salary increase retroactive to when the mission had started. He thanked his supervisor, and sent Gordo and Danielle on their way. They all said "Bye, Bob," and left.

10 days later, on December 14, 1974, Karen berates Shane again since he had stolen baseball cards. He was grounded from going to his basketball game, which made him lose his temper. Karen slapped him across the face and sent him to his room. She got in her car, and Shane waited until after she left to get on his bike to go to his basketball game.

Danielle made it to NASA headquarters, while Gordo went home and watched television.

Ellen and Larry got married.

When Karen got home, she saw a police officer parked on her driveway. Asking what her son had done, the police officers told her that there had been an accident involving Shane.