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The Happy Valley base was NASA's first base on Mars in 1995. It was located in the canyon Melas Chasma in the Valles Marineris canyon system,[2] close to the former Helios Mars base.

After the formation of the Mars-7 Alliance in 1997, the initial base transitioned into an international colony, with over 100 inhabitants.[3]


The base was put together from several modules and with the help of 3 rovers, which was all sent to the planet's surface by a support mission launched in 1993.[4]

The base was initially designed to accomodate 6 astronauts. However, after the Americans had to rescue the crew of the Soviet spacecraft Mars-94, which had to be abandoned after technical issues halfway into the Race to Mars and led to the death of two astronauts from the Sojourner mission,[2] NASA's Sojourner 1 landed on Mars with 8 people on board, 4 Americans and 4 Soviets. This led to the rationing of provisions, even more as some of the pre-supply was lost due to a damaged landing module.[5]

After the disastrous landslide on Gagarin Ridge that destroyed Helios' base, and the recovery of all still usable tech like the buried MSAM, all remaining crew members of the 3 missions headed over to Happy Valley. This made it the only remaining real base currently on Mars, beside the remotely crashed North Korean capsule.[1]


The base is made of 3 cylindrical modules connected to a central hub. One of the modules serves as hydroponic garden, the other contain laboratories and crew quarters. Beside the base, an array of solar panels was installed. The pre-supply containers contained also 3 rovers, two 4-wheel vehicles and a crawler type rover. Beside the solar power plant, the base has also a nuclear power generator,[5] stationed aloof the base. The container that carried the rovers is used as storage.

After all Martian crews headed to Happy Valley, the one still intact Helios HAB-rover was docked to the base and is now part it, building one connected pressurized system.


After the landing on Mars in February 1995, the base was first crewed by 8 persons, 4 Americans and 4 Soviets, albeit it was actually designed for 6 only.

About 8 months later, after 3 people had died in the landslide, Kelly Baldwin was successfully sent to Phoenix, and Danny Stevens was exiled in the North Korean capsule, the crew of the base consisted of the remaining 9 persons: 3 NASA and 3 Helios astronauts, 2 Roscosmos cosmonauts, and the rescued North Korean ujunaut.[1]




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