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Happy Valley is the international Mars base of the Mars-7 nations. It is located in the canyon Melas Chasma in the Valles Marineris canyon system, where the old Happy Valley base in 1995 had been set up.[2]


The original NASA base transitioned into an international colony after the formation of the M-7 Alliance in 1997. Since then, the M-7 member nations have contributed hundreds of billion of dollars into the expansion of the base.[1]


After the formation of the M-7 Alliance, Happy Valley was expanded to house many new facilities and to hold over 100 personnel.[3] [1]

Ground level features modules like a central arriving hall with airlocks for the rovers, control rooms, laboratories, meeting rooms, and a canteen, as well as the quarters for higher level personnel and astronauts. The base has 5 sublevels, of which level 4+5 are still under construction in 2003. The sublevels house maintenance and storage rooms and additional quarters for the base and space workers.[4]

While differing areas of the base are restricted to certain workers,[5] the North Korean sector of the base is only accessible to members of the North Korea Space Program.[4]

The colony also operates six landing sites for their orbital Hopper shuttles.

The base is operated by the M-7 Alliance, with the command periodically rotating between NASA and Roscosmos. It is maintained by Helios Aerospace, who won the contract as the sole company responsible for the infrastucture and its expansion.[1]

Helios Strike of 2003[]

FAM 407 00

M-7 leaders and Helios try to negotiate

In 2003 after wages and working conditions for the Helios workers are changed, a union is formed, eventually striking with the goal of ensuring that the asteroid Goldilocks is mined in Martian orbit, instead of Earth's, to ensure that their jobs are maintained, while also asking for higher wages in accordance with their original contracts. The strike results indirectly in the death of Nick Jennings and injuries to four other M-7 loyalists after they try to restart the Cryo center, by bypassing the primary gas regulator that was removed by the striking workers. The strike is eventually ended, after Helios CEO Dev Ayesa offers the workers over $1 million each.[6][7]

2003 Riot[]

FAM 410 63

Security camera view of the riot

Miles Dale and Gerardo Ortiz-Niño were abused and tortured by CIA and KGB operatives, Mike Bishop and Timur Avilov to get answers on Ghost Ops. After Faiza Khatib learned that Bishop's security team planned to invade the North Korean module, Miles rallied the Helios crew to stop them. Miles confronted Bishop and hit him twice with a pipe as payback as a riot ensued. In the chaos, Nate Lowry pulls a makarov he confiscated from Frank Tuttle, but two Helios members try to stop him. In the tussle, the makarov goes off, and Danielle Poole was caught in the crossfire. The sound of the makarov puts the riot to a halt, as everyone looked on in shock. Danielle was immediately taken to the medical bay, where she was treated by Dimitri Mayakovsky as everyone watched on.[8]





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