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Time Capsule is a narrative experience told in AR (augmented reality) from executive producer Ron Moore and featuring stars of the show. Time Capsule was released before Season 2 of For All Mankind, and can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store.

From the App Store description:

Join Danny, teenage son of astronauts Gordo & Tracy Stevens, as he examines interactive keepsakes full of details about life, love, and the world of For All Mankind. Every object tells a story: a simple mixtape unveils how young love first began. A home computer holds the secrets to the teens’ changing lives. And items as ordinary as a newspaper and answering machine shed light on impactful events in the lives of Gordo and Tracy Stevens, revealing more about the alternate world of For All Mankind and what’s coming in season 2.


Hidden Treasures[]

The experience begins with Danny listening to a phone message left by Gordo saying he would be out of town. There's a portrait of the Stevens Family, including Tracy, on the desk. On the table is a brown box marked "Lisa & Danny" which is opened to reveal mementos from their relationship together.

Inside the box is a photo of Danny and Lisa, followed by a poster for the Lakewood High School Homecoming Dance, which took place on September 15th, 1979.

Heart Beats[]

The next item is a custom mixtape called "The Firsts", which was made by Danny for Lisa. You find a Walkman in Danny's bedroom. where you can listen to the whole tape to continue,

Objects include:

  • Apollo 10 Lunar Lander model
  • Shane Baldwin's Pinewood Derby car
  • A souvenir pen from Galveston, Texas
  • A photo of Danny and Gordo Stevens from their trip to Big Bend in 1974
  • A notebook containing Danny's Social Studies class notes and space-inspired doodles

Social Studies Notes[]

Danny's notes are transcribed below:

Today's question: "How has the Space Race affected U.S. domestic policy?"

  • Budget for U.S. Space Program has grown every year since its establishment in 1958.

  • 5% of Federal Budget -> same as Medicare

  • Space Race = smaller foreign U.S. footprint

    • 1971 Vietnam Peace Treaty frees up more money for expanding domestic spending on Space Race and R&D.

  • Space Race = Women's Rights

    • USSR landing first woman on the moon is catalyst for U.S. female astronaut program.

    • M.C. (Molly Cobb) discovers water on the moon -> women accepted as universal American Heroes.

  • 1972 Presidential Election = referendum on Women's Rights

    • T.K. (Ted Kennedy) promises to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment to guarantee equal treatment under law on the basis of sex. R.N. (Richard Nixon) pushes traditional family values, struggles w/ issues around women in workplace. Becomes the central issue of the campaign, leading to T.K.'s electoral victory.

  • 1974 -> Equal Rights Amendment is ratified by 37 states.

  • 1976 Presidential Election = referendum on growing Cold War tensions.

  • Expanding Moon base presence lead to fears of militarization.

  • Growing concerns that Space Race can lead to Space War.

  • R.R. (Ronald Reagan)/Republicans (increased defense and decreased deficit spending) defeats T.K./Democrats (expanding social programs and environmental protections).

Memory Lane[]

You return to the desk and the box of memories, where Danny picks out the following items:

  • Two Kingwood Drive In tickets to see "Foul Play" on September 16, 1979
  • 1979 Road Map of Texas, with handwritten annotations from Lisa planning a road trip with Danny.
  • Galveston, Texas postcard
  • A box of 35mm projector slides, labeled as "Surprise Trip to Austin"

Projected Love[]

Sun-kissed Wishes[]

Live Playback[]

Mixed Messages[]


Second Chances[]