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Danny Stevens, full name Daniel Gordo Stevens,[1] is the eldest child of Gordo and Tracy Stevens. He is the elder brother of Jimmy. During a summer working at Outpost Tavern, he fell in love and slept with with Karen Baldwin.


Season 1[]

In Season 1, Danny was close friends with Shane Baldwin. He was scolded by Karen Baldwin after sneaking into Shane's bedroom after he had died.

Between Season 1 and Season 2[]

A photo from the Time Capsule app of Danny Stevens and Lisa Martinelli. On the back, Lisa had written "A perfect 16th birthday weekend with Danny."

Before the release of Season 2, Apple released For All Mankind: Time Capsule, described as a "narrative experience" told in augmented reality and created by Ronald D. Moore. The story follows Danny in the years 1979-1980 as he examines keepsakes from a former relationship with Lisa Martinelli. Every object in the experience tells a story and further fleshes out the events between Season 1 and Season 2:

  • In 1974, shortly after the events of Season 1, Gordo and Danny go on a camping trip to Big Bend in 1974.
  • Danny and Lisa take a road trip to Austin, Texas in 1980, and go to a Bob Dylan show.
  • Danny's close friendship with Kelly Baldwin develops, such as when Danny asks Kelly for advice through D-Mail.
  • Lisa's lack of interest in attending Tracy's space launch serves as a catalyst for the end of their relationship.

Season 2[]

In Season 2, Danny is a student at the Naval Academy at Annapolis. He works part-time at the Outpost, and smokes a joint with Karen Baldwin, promising her to "not tell if you don't".

Between Season 2 and Season 3[]

Sometime before 1990, Danny joins NASA, and is assigned to the Jamestown lunar base for an unknown period of time, arriving on the base in 1990. At an unknown time, either before or after his time on the Jamestown base, he meets, dates, and becomes engaged to Amber, who's last name at this time is unknown.

Season 3[]

In Season 3, on July 17th 1992,[2] Danny hosts a wedding to Amber aboard the Polaris Orbital Hotel in Earth's orbit, when a piece of debris from a failed North Korean rocket impacts one of the engines responsible for the maintainence of the centrifugal ring of the station, causing it to fire at maximum throttle. After failed repairs by hotel staff, Danny conducts an unauthorized spacewalk and succeeds in shutting down the engine and saving the station. Immediately after engine shutoff, he is struck by a loose tether, although his own harness succeeds in holding him to the station, saving his life, and ensuring no harm came to him.


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