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Apollo 25 was a spaceflight mission by NASA. The crew included Molly Cobb as commander, Tracy Stevens as CSM pilot, and Dennis Lambert as mission specialist. Originally, the mission was to repair an astronomical satellite in Earth orbit. The mission duration was 14 days.


Apollo 25, contrary to the lunar Apollo missions, was launched by a Saturn 1B. The launch was performed from Pad 39B in Kennedy Space Center, using an elevated platform known as the "milkstool" to accommodate the height differential between the Saturn IB and the much larger Saturn V.

Unlike most Apollo missions, but like Apollo 7 and 8, the CSM had no separate call sign. Its call sign was simply ‘25’.

Due to the failure of Apollo 24 to perform TLI, the mission was repurposed to deliver a new Saturn V Flight Control computer and repair the S-IVB of Apollo 24. The primary mission was cancelled and it performed a rendezvous with Apollo 24 in Low Earth Orbit.

During the repair EVA, the S-IVB of Apollo 24 accidentally ignited, killing Apollo 24 astronaut Harrison Liu and dragging the still-tethered Apollo 25 with it. Molly Cobb managed to free the CSM from the runaway S-IVB, but lost her grip and was left adrift in orbit. Tracy Stevens managed to pilot Apollo 25 to rendezvous with Molly Cobb and retrieve her.

The three astronauts then landed back safely on Earth.


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