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Apollo 22 was a crew rotation mission of the Jamestown Moon base launched by mid-1974. The mission is also called Jamestown 2. The crew consists of Edward Baldwin (Commander), Gordo Stevens and Danielle Poole. They relieved the crew of Apollo 21, which was the first to inhabit the base.

When Apollo 23 exploded on launch day (August 24 1974), the crew of Apollo 22 had to stay on the Moon. Finally in December 1974, 145 days into the mission, Gordo Stevens and Danielle Poole flew back to Earth on board the Command and Service Module (CSM) of Apollo 22, leaving Edward Baldwin alone on the Moon on board Jamestown. To perform this task Edward Baldwin named Danielle Poole Commander of Apollo 22.

Edward Baldwin went back to Earth alone on board the CSM of Apollo 24.

The CSM of Apollo 22 is named Excalibur.

Apollo 22 Mission Patch

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