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Apollo 11 is the spaceflight mission by NASA that sent commander Neil Armstrong and Lunar module pilot Buzz Aldrin to the moon. The Command module pilot who stayed behind in lunar orbit was Michael Collins. They were beaten by the Soviets, who had landed there the month before.

Apollo 11 began their descent to the lunar surface only for trouble to appear. The crew had a rough landing, due to running out of fuel because of a field of boulders. Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin were believed to have died in the crash, but miraculously survived and managed to reestablish communication. Firmly planting the flag to signify that America was still in the race.

Apollo 11 Mission Patch.

Climbing into the lunar module and throwing out anything not necessary, they prepared to lift off. Having landed at an angle due to damage to the Lunar module, they managed to take off with only some difficulty. After rendezvous with the command module, they headed home for a safe splashdown in the Pacific.

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