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Apollo 10 was a crewed spaceflight to the moon, intended to test equipment for the planned landing by Apollo 11. The mission was commanded by Edward Baldwin, with Gordo Stevens as lunar module (LM) pilot and Fred Talmadge as command module (CSM) pilot. The CSM was nicknamed Charlie Brown, while the LM was nicknamed Snoopy, in reference to the Peanuts cartoons.

Baldwin and Stevens brought the LM to within eight miles of the lunar surface before aborting the landing stage. This would become controversial after the Soviet Union shocked NASA by beating Apollo 11 to the moon; Baldwin was called in to a Congressional hearing on the matter, but he ultimately defended the decision not to land Snoopy on the moon as his own.

Behind the scenes[]

In real life, the crew of Apollo 10 comprised of Thomas Stafford (commander), Gene Cernan (LM pilot), and John Young (CSM pilot).

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